Best AirTracks For Cheerleading

Cheerleader girls standing in their costumes

Did you know you have a new friend when you want to perfect your cheerleading skills at home? That friend is called airtrack. It makes practicing easy, smooth, and effective both inside and outside. Depending on the size you choose, you’re able to practice stunts, tumbling passes, and even routines at home. The best part is that airtracks are the perfect solution for cheerleaders at all skill levels.

As there are several options, use this article as a little helper when trying to find the perfect solution for you. We have taken into consideration factors that are specifically important for cheerleaders.


  • Tumbl Trak Air Floor PRO
  • AirTrack Factory AirFloor Home
  • FBSPORT Inflatable Gymnastics Air Track
  • EZ GLAM Sports Air Floor
  • AKSPORT Airtrack Tumbling Mat
  • Conclusion

1. Tumbl Trak Air Floor PRO

Tumbl Trak is the company that manufactures their product called Air Floor PRO, but don’t let their name fool you. Air Floor PRO is an airtrack – one of the best ones for cheerleaders. Tumbl Trak has used only ECO-friendly materials for one of their most popular products, so buying it is an ecological decision as it doesn’t contain harmful chemicals. And not only that, the materials used here make it also lighter and more durable.

Air Floor PRO comes in three sizes, 3, 6, and 9 meters. It is 3 inches thick, guaranteeing cheerleaders a bouncy surface that is friendly for joints. It is one of the safest airtracks in the market, offering a perfect environment for tumbling, stunts, and routines.

2. AirTrack Factory AirFloor Home

When you hear AirTrack Factory’s name, you automatically know that the quality is there. You might have heard about AirFloor before, as you can see it in many gyms. It is their home version of that product, and it so happens to be AirTrack Factory’s most popular home airtrack.

AirFloor Home is 3 meters long. Making it takes around 12 hours as it is handmade. If you need to practice tumbling passes and floor exercises at home, you can’t go wrong with AirFloor. If you require a bigger cheerleading airtrack, AirFloor Home XL offers more possibilities as it is longer, wider, and thicker.

3. FBSPORT Inflatable Gymnastics Air Track

FBSPORT’s Inflatable Gymnastics Air Track might be what you’re looking for. This airtrack has the word “gymnastics” on its name, but no need to worry about it. It is a great option for cheerleading as well. And the best part is that there are seven different sizes, ranging from 3 to 8 meters; if you need an airtrack for individual training or the whole team, you will find the right solution.

The FBSPORT Inflatable Gymnastics Air Track, that carries a thickness of 4 inches, comes in 12 different color options, so you can find exactly what you are looking for.

4. EZ GLAM Sports Air Floor

EZ GLAM Sports is not the same kind of household name in the industry as AirTrack Factory, but they are well known as they’ve been part of the industry for over a decade. EZ GLAM’s Air Floor offers quality for every cheerleader wanting to hone their skills at home, and it comes in 4 different sizes and colors. The available sizes are 16, 20, 23, and 27 feet.

EZ GLAM Sport’s Air Floor is easy to inflate, deflate, and transport. It is a good option for cheerleaders of different levels. And thanks to its large size, it is excellent to work on your skills. It is also waterproof, meaning you can take it to water.

5. AKSPORT Airtrack Tumbling Mat

If you are looking for a quality and budget-friendly option when buying an airtrack, look no further than AKSPORT. If you are a cheerleader or have one in your family, and they want to develop their skills at home, AKSPORT’s Airtrack Tumbling Mat might be what you’re looking for.

The length varies between 3 to 6 meters, so you have options. It is 4 inches thick, and if color is a key factor, the hugely popular mint green will please the eye.


When you want to find an airtrack solution for cheerleading to practice at home, first determine what you need in terms of size, bounciness, durability, safety, and overall performance. When you have done this, choose your budget and start focusing more on specifics.