What Are the Best Airtrack Pumps?

Let’s admit it: we don’t like doing things that take too much time – like pumping our airtracks. Luckily, you don’t have to settle for weak pumps that take ages to fill even a balloon, let alone an airtrack.

There are a lot of options. A basic foot pump is alright, it’s cheap, but if you’re looking for the best airtrack pumps, then you need to focus on automatic ones. Yes, you need more money to buy an automatic airtrack pump, but if your budget allows you to do that, go for it.

What Kind of Airtrack Do You Have?

So, as we focus on the best airtrack pumps, automatic pumps are the way to go. What kind of pump you need depends on what airtrack you have.

AirTrack Factory is known as the household name of the industry, and they offer two different automatic airtrack pumps. One of them is OV10 Blower. It is a small, lightweight pump that doesn’t take any room to store, and it is easy to move it from one place to another. It works wonders when the size of your airtrack is a maximum of 6 meters, and the thickness doesn’t go over 20 centimeters. You can also use it for bigger airtracks, but in that case, the pumping process will take some time.

If you want a smoother pumping experience with large airtracks, AirTrack Factory recommends Hikoki Blower. It is perfect for bigger airtracks, such as AirTrack P2, AirTrack P3, and AirTrick. For example, the P3 can be as big as 15 meters long and 2.8 meters wide, and it only takes four minutes for Hikoki to fill it up. It is eight times faster than the OV10 but only 500 grams heavier. That means it is easy to carry and fits easily into a back bag.

Most of the Airtracks Include a Pump

When you buy a small airtrack from AirTrack Factory, manufactured mainly for home use, you usually get a foot pump in the package. But when buying a more premium product, the set includes OV10 Blower or Hikoki Blower – whichever fits the bill better.

If you buy your airtrack from AirTrack Nordic instead, you will get a 600W electric pump – no matter what airtrack you choose. But if you’re in for heavier equipment, then AirTrack Factory is the place for you.

AirTrack Factory Offers Other Inflator Equipment as Well!

When you decide to buy a pump, think of buying a pressure gauge as well. Why? Because otherwise, you have no idea how much air you’ve putten into your airtrack – other than your gut feeling. The pressure gauge from AirTrack Factory measures up to 250 mbar, which is more than enough with any airtrack. And the best part is that the gauge suits every AirTrack Factory’s inflatable equipment.