Things You Should Consider When Looking for Best Airtracks for Outdoor Use

With the best outdoor airtracks, one thing needs to be highlighted: they need to be manufactured from quality materials that can last some wear and tear. Why? Because having an airtrack outside demands more than having it inside, where the surfaces are different.

To find the best outdoor airtrack for you, it’s crucial to determine how and for what you and your family use it. If the idea is to use it mainly for practicing different sports, you should pay attention to its measurements and thickness, which tells a lot about its bouncing abilities. But if you’re buying it for fun, for example, to use it in water, then smaller airtracks might be the better solution.

Airtrack’s Weight And Size Might Be the Deciders

What is the idea behind your plans to buy an airtrack? To have a fun place to play and exercise in your garden, or do you want to keep moving it from your house to a cottage, beach, and so on? And how are you planning to move it from one place to another? Will your kids move it as well, or just adults?

When you have asked these questions from yourself and answered them as well, you should have a good idea of whether weight is an important determining factor or not – maybe even decisive.

If you plan to be able to back it in your back bag or into your kid’s back bag, you need to think about the weight and size. But if you just want to keep your new airtrack in your backyard or inside your home, you just need to consider your living surroundings and environment.

Some of the airtracks weight a certain amount, but for example with most of the Airtrack Nordic models you can impact it with your decision as well. If you decide to go for Airtrack Nordic Home 3M Collectors Edition, it will weigh 11 kg. But let’s say you opt to go for Airtrack Nordic Standard, which has a width of 1 meter: then you can pick the length of it. And the length impacts the weight as 1 square meter equals 3.6 kg.

You Can Use Airtracks Around the Year

Unlike some might assume, airtracks are not just made for having fun or exercising during the summer when talking about outside usage. Instead, you can use them during winter as well. But how and for what?

Obviously, it might not be the smartest idea to go to a beach on a cold winter day, but how about changing water sports into winter sports – let’s say going down with them on a snowy hill? That’s right, you are able to do that.