How to Transport an Airtrack with Ease

AirTrack mats being transported on a trolley

Airtracks have revolutionized the scenery of training and recreational activities. How? They offer a portable and versatile surface you can use anywhere. But to get everything out of your airtrack, it is crucial to know how to transport your airtrack properly. This article will offer five tips to ensure hassle-free transportation, focusing on utilizing handles, folding techniques, and trolleys, rolling your airtrack, and protecting it.


  • Take Advantage of the Handles
  • Use the Folding Technique
  • Roll the Airtrack
  • Use Trolleys as They Make Transporting Effortless
  • Protect the Airtrack With a Bag
  • Conclusion

1. Use the Folding Technique

Before you get to the actual transport phase, there are things to do with your airtrack. First, make sure it is clean and that there’s no debris. Then you deflate all the air out of your airtrack and fold it lengthwise; you need to fold it as many times as necessary to find the size suitable for transportation. When folding, it is crucial to avoid sharp creases at all costs, as they might harm your airtrack.

2. Take Advantage of the Handles

As transportation is so crucial with airtracks, most models have handles. You should take advantage of these handles as they make carrying your airtrack easier. When you move your airtrack from one place to another, take a firm grip and lift it from the handles. And even though airtracks are not that heavy, remember to distribute the weight evenly to maintain balance. By doing that, you avoid straining your muscles.

3. Roll the Airtrack

Another popular method to prepare your airtrack for transportation is to roll it instead of folding it. Again, just like with the folding technique, you deflate the airtrack fully. Then you lay it flat on the ground and begin rolling it from one end. While doing this, you can use gentle pressure to remove the excess air from the airtrack. Remember to roll it tight enough to avoid unnecessary bulkiness.

4. Use Trolleys as They Make Transporting Effortless

If you need to move your airtrack often from one place to another, investing in trolleys is worth your while. They are handy, especially with big airtracks and when transporting them longer distances, as they offer stability and ease of maneuverability. And we’re not talking about any random trolleys, but about trolleys made specifically for airtracks as they will make moving your airtrack easy.

5. Protect the Airtrack With a Bag

Taking good care of your airtrack always increases longevity. During transportation, use a storage bag made specifically for airtracks. Quality airtracks are durable, but adding an extra layer of protection against dirt, moisture, and other objects will make them even more durable. The best part is that you don’t need to invest in an airtrack bag, as they usually come with the product.


If you follow these five tips illustrated above, we can almost guarantee that your airtrack will have a longer lifespan than without these measures. That means you will get to have more training sessions and more fun with it, which is prominent as you have invested money in your airtrack. So, always make handling and storing your airtrack a priority.