What Is the Best AirTrack to Buy?

There’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to AirTracks. That’s why the main task is for every buyer to determine what they use it for. Also, things like budget, storage space, and who uses the AirTrack are factors to consider.

When buying an AirTrack, the main job is to decide the length, width, thickness, and color. And if you are planning to use it in water, you need to ensure it is waterproof as, usually, AirTracks aren’t.

We will showcase products from AirTrack Factory as they are the industry pioneers.


  • Kids’ Gymnastics: AirSpot Round Inflatable Trampoline
  • Dancing and Martial Arts: The AirFloor Home
  • Jumping: The AirBlock
  • Gymnastics: The AirBeam
  • Cheerleading: The AirTrack P2

Kids’ Gymnastics: AirSpot Round Inflatable Trampoline

Not all the AirTracks come in the same shape or form. A good example is the AirSpot Round inflatable trampoline. It is a round version of classical rectangle-shaped AirTracks like AirTrack P2, AirTrack P3, and AirFloor.

The AirSpot Round comes in three different sizes and two colors. The smallest size is perfect for smaller kids – for example, toddlers can use it as a stepping stone – and the M & L sizes work better for bigger kids. But why do we recommend it for kids’ gymnastics? It’s 8 inches thick, meaning it’s bouncy and safe. Hence, it’s perfect for kids who want to learn gymnastics or other activities.

Dancing and Martial Arts: The AirFloor Home

Dancing and martial arts are just examples of sports you can practice on AirFloor Home. The home edition of the famous AirFloor brings your gym to your home, and it is the most popular home equipment from the famous AirTrack Factory.

Standing three meters long, AirFloor Home is a perfect solution in many ways. Firstly, it doesn’t take up much space. Secondly, it is easy to move from one place to another. And thirdly, it’s perfect for floor exercises and tumbling passes. That’s why it works so well for the aforementioned sports. And it doesn’t hurt that users can adjust it’s air pressure according to their preferences.

There is also the AirFloor Home XL, which is an optimal solution when more than one person is practicing simultaneously.

Jumping: The AirBlock

If you want to jump higher, one option is above all of the rest: the AirBlock. If you want to do tricks like volts or double volts, it gives you the bounciness and the height you need to practice these tricks safely and perfect your landings. The AirBlock might remind you of small trampolines, but it is, for example, better for your joints.

The AirBlock is the thickest and bounciest option there is. And thanks to its small size, it is super easy to carry, and the inflation process is quick.

Gymnastics: The AirBeam

Gymnasts need to have a great balance. That’s what the AirBeam is designed to do. It offers a perfect way to practice balancing at home.

With this balance beam, you can improve your skills and gain the confidence needed to excel in your routine. In the center, there is a raised line. It allows gymnasts to feel the edge, while the surrounding area provides a softer landing zone to perfect your landings.

The AirBeam is ten centimeters thick and offers length options ranging from 3 to 5 meters. Additionally, you can choose between two color options: pink and blue.

Cheerleading: The AirTrack P2

The most popular airtrack in the world is the AirTrack P2. It is well-liked amongst cheerleaders, gymnasts, and other student-athletes. The P2 is optimal for cheerleading practices, at any age, due to its mid-range thickness and bounciness. There is also flexibility in pressure which suits most athletes well.

The AirTrack P2 offers five different size options. They range from 6 to 12 meters, but the width stays the same: 2 meters.