What Is an AirTrack?

What exactly is an AirTrack? An AirTrack is a soft, malleable mat that people mainly use for contact events like sports, acrobatics, dance, and recreation. If you have ever been to a gym or athletic facility, you likely have felt and seen an AirTrack.

AirTracks come in a variety of shapes and sizes. You can order an AirTrack custom-made to fit almost any occasion. You can even purchase these products wholesale.

AirTracks differ from other inflatable equipment in that they are significantly durable and portable. Likewise, AirTracks do not deflate easily because they are designed with superior materials.

So what exactly is an AirTrack, and what makes it different from a regular foam mat? What makes an AirTrack special? Other questions buyers might have include:

  • What sizes do AirTracks come in?
  • Where can I find AirTracks?
  • How long do AirTracks last?
  • How expensive are AirTracks?

Fortunately, we are here to answer any questions you have about AirTracks!

How Do AirTracks Work?

AirTracks are safety equipment that lessens the blow of force. Falling on an AirTrack is much less unpleasant than falling on an open floor. AirTracks can function similarly to trampolines. They have a unique bouncy feel that is quite comfortable.

When you land on an AirTrack, the spongy dual layer of the product absorbs the shock as a rubber mat or mattress would. Unlike foam, however, you feel resistance pushing back on you after the material absorbs the shock. They are rubbery to the touch.

Because they are so pleasant to move on, AirTracks are popular substitutes for trampolines. They are also portable, unlike trampolines which are usually too heavy and grounded to move around. You can easily fold or roll up an AirTrack mat when you finish using it.

You can inflate your AirTrack gymnastic mat with an air pump. Generally, electric air pumps are better as they inflate much quicker.

What Do People Use AirTracks For?

Children and adults can both use AirTracks. Everybody loves them! AirTracks are a necessity for a variety of recreational activities, including:

  • Wrestling
  • Dancing
  • Jumping
  • Gymnastics
  • Acrobatics
  • Ballet

In contact sports, AirTracks are significantly good at preventing physical harm that might otherwise occur on grass or a wooden floor.

Airtracks Can Be Used For Several Different Sports

Certain AirTracks can be helpful in therapy for people with special needs, but be sure to monitor them and put them away following use to prevent an accident. The mats can teach them to walk and maneuver their footing similar to how they can teach acrobats to land their feet.

AirTracks and Acrobatics

The most common application for AirTrack mats is acrobatics. Handstands, handsprings, somersaults, flips, cartwheels, tucks, and pirouettes are acrobatic maneuvers one can perform on an AirTrack.

Performing acrobatics on an AirTrack differs from doing it on an open surface. For instance, doing a flip on an Airtrack will be much softer. It is much easier to fail and try again when the stunt you perform is on a squishy surface – this will help athletes become better practiced.

Getting used to the feeling of falling and landing on an AirTrack will condition acrobats to perform their tricks more accurately. Similar to boxers who train with boxing gloves, acrobats will succeed more often, even without a soft landing material.

AirTracks are common in gymnasiums, schools, pools, and recreational facilities. Teachers often use them in acrobatic courses to train their students. The more space students have to practice on the mat, the better their results will be.

Types of AirTracks

There are many different types of tracks available for consumer use. Some of these include:

  • AirTrack Pros: a thick tumbling mat that will give you more bounce.
  • AirTrack Boosts: a light and adjustable springboard you can set up anywhere in your home.
  • AirStack Mats: the thickest foam tumbling mat in the market. It’s 40 centimeters high.
  • AirBoards: a light springboard that you can attach on the AirFloor Home or any gymnastic floor.
  • AirTrack Factory AirFloors: a gymnastics floor that you can have in your own home.
  • Airtrack P2s: an inflatable tumbling mat with middle thickness.
  • Airtrack P3s: a thick 30-centimeter inflatable mat that you can replace your old tumbling trampoline with in your home.

AirTrack Shapes

AirTracks are not just flat mats. They can also come as barrels, spheres, circles, bars, cones, and other unique shapes. Some AirTracks possess abstract shapes specific to perfecting certain somersaults, flips, and tricks.

AirTrack Sizes

When picking the right size AirTrack, envision how you intend to use it. Longer AirTracks are better for running and cartwheels. Short and round AirTracks are preferable for in-place maneuvers, like backflips.

Larger mats will be more costly, so if you are not opting to be a professional acrobat and are only seeking an AirTrack for fun, you might prefer one of the smaller models. If you run a gym or are into acrobatics, you might choose the longer ones.