What Is the Best Airtrack for Tumbling?

At some point, almost every one of us has tried doing tumbles. When you think about that time, you realize how much space you need for it – unless you want to hit your head on a wall or furniture.

One of the most popular airtracks in the world, if not the most popular one, comes from AirTrack Factory, carrying a model name P2. This is not a coincidence because it is perfect for tumbling. Kids adore it, and as they are the biggest group using airtracks, it’s no wonder it is so popular.

But why is it so popular? Let’s jump in and go through what makes it great.

AirTrack P2

The AirTrack P2, from AirTrack Factory, is a model that fits the bill, regardless of age or skill level. This tumbling track is not made just for tumbling, but as it is our primary focal point, that’s where we’re focusing on.

The key to a perfect tumbling experience comes in the form of thickness and size. With AirTrack P2, these two crucial factors meet.

P2 is 20 centimeters thick, which guarantees you the perfect bouncing qualities. It’s also 2 meters wide, meaning you’re not immediately rolling out of it if the tumble isn’t perfect. And when it comes to length, the shortest P2 model is 6 meters long. This means there’s plenty of space to fool around without any concerns, but if you want to have even a longer one, the sizes go all the way to 15 meters.

If you happen to be worried about how the P2 will hold up in your kids’ hands, don’t be. AirTrack Factory has been in the inflatable business for over 30 years, and thanks to the seam protection they’ve invented, P2 will withstand anything you throw at it.

Other Good Airtracks for Tumbling

Even if AirTrack Factory is the pioneer in the field, it is always wise to check more options; other companies make excellent airtracks. So, if you are looking for other manufacturers, another company worth considering is AirTrack Nordic.

Out of AirTrack Nordic’s catalog, a direct competitor for AirTrack P2 is the AirTrack Nordic Deluxe Wide. The main difference between the AirTrack P2 and the AirTrack Nordic Deluxe Wide is that with the latter one, there’s more where to choose from length-wise. The shortest option is 3 meters, the longest one being 16 meters.

If you feel that the width doesn’t need to be 2 meters, another viable option is AirTrack Nordic Carbon which is 1.5 meters wide. The Carbon model, which comes in a cool black-yellow-grey coloring, offers five different options regarding length: 3 meters, 4 meters, 5 meters, 6 meters, and 8 meters.