Best Mini Airtracks Offer the Same Quality as Bigger Ones

What is a mini airtrack? The term itself includes all airtracks that are 3 meters long or less. They are a good starting spot as they are not as expensive as bigger ones, and still, they offer everything that’s needed – especially for younger athletes and people who are just starting.

What Can You Do With Mini Airtracks?

If you’re not planning to do long floor exercises, meaning you do several jumps, backflips, and tricks in a row, mini airtracks offer a lot.

Let’s say you are trying to find something for yoga and stretching – there’s nothing better than airtracks. And they don’t need to be long, wide, and expensive. Instead, they can be similar sizes as yoga mats. Or you’re thinking of doing gymnastics exercises you saw on YouTube and similar places – yes, you can use mini airtracks for those.

Mini airtracks are also good for athletes, especially the younger ones who don’t need that much room to do their tricks. Yes, it’s true – you won’t be able to do those long floor exercises you see the best gymnasts do in the Olympics or practice your cheerleading program fully. But, you are able to practice some of the tricks you need to nail your performance when it matters the most.

Airtracks are not made for cheerleaders and gymnasts only. They also work for someone playing football, basketball, ice hockey, and other sports. That is because you can practice anything you want on them. For example, a good balance, having enough power on your midriff, or just being in good shape is crucial for everyone.

And last but not least: mini airtracks are perfect for enjoying a nice day on the water when you want to just float in a lake or sea. You can use them as swimming mattresses or jumping platforms – they are perfect for pretty much all kinds of water activities.

No Need to Buy Indoor Shoes Anymore

The best part is that using an airtrack means you save money from elsewhere, and your exercises will be more effective. But how and why?

Firstly, you don’t need to buy indoor shoes anymore. That’s right, using indoor shoes is not that good for your body as they often lead to wrong body positions. And secondly, indoor shoes also prevent some of your leg muscles from getting the exercise they would need – thus, the practice will be more effective without them.

What Is a Good Mini Airtrack?

When you are looking for a mini airtrack, first determine your needs. If it’s more of a yoga mat for you, having the thickest airtrack isn’t a necessity. But if you plan to practice backflips and actual tricks, then bounciness is crucial – meaning, you need a thicker one.

And then there’s the size. For simple exercises, you don’t necessarily need a 3-meter-long airtrack. And the same goes for small children. But if you’re looking to get more out of it, 3 meters might be necessary.

To find the best mini airtracks, look for the selections from Airtrack Nordic and AirTrack Factory.