What are airtracks made of?

In 2004, the owner of AirTrack Factory, Geert Koenen, heard about a new bouncy, airtight, and strong fabric. He has a long history in air-related types of equipment, and he got intrigued about what this fabric has to offer. It led him to invent airtracks, and after testing his newest invention with a group of gymnasts, he was sure he had hit the jackpot.

And he was right. Now, almost 20 years later, they are hugely popular. A big part of their popularity is that airtracks are amazingly durable and safe. But how are they built? What is the foundation of airtracks being so lasting? In this article, we will look closer at what goes into them, revealing all you need to know about the materials used.

And if you happen to be in for a completely handmade airtrack, look no further than to the industry pioneer. Hence, they are also customizable.


  • Drop Stitch Fabric for the Core
  • The Beforementioned Lightweight Threads Create the Flat Surface
  • PVC for Outer Layer
  • D-Rings Provide Anchor Points, Velcro Makes Attachments Easier
  • Sides Include Boat Fabric
  • Conclusion

Drop-Stitch Fabric for the Core

When you look at the anatomy of the core of airtracks, it reveals that the building material is drop-stitch fabric. But why is it so popular that most manufacturers use it to build the interior of their airtracks? Its secret is that it consists of two layers of fabric. The materials used for these layers are woven polyester and nylon.

Inside the core, there is a network of small chambers. The chambers are inflated with air, and together with lightweight threads, they give the airtrack a bouncy and cushioned feel.

The Beforementioned Lightweight Threads Create the Flat Surface

If you have ever seen old inflatable tumbling tracks, the airtrack is like a modern version. But why have airtracks overtaken these tumbling tracks as they used to be so popular?

The secret is behind thousands of little lightweight threads that run from top to bottom. These threads are the reason why airtracks have such a flat surface. And thanks to them, airtracks are so airtight that you don’t have to attach them to a blower that constantly breathes in air.

PVC for Outer Layer

PVC, which consists of two words, polyvinyl chloride, is the material for the outer layer of airtracks. It is a synthetic plastic polymer, and it is known for its durability and resistance to wear and tear.

PVC is also the reason why the surface is water-resistant. One of its main jobs is to protect the drop-stitch fabric underneath. That makes airtracks as long-lasting as they are.

D-Rings Provide Anchor Points, Velcro Makes Attachments Easier

One of the best things about airtracks is that you can always make them bigger. If you bought a 3-meter-long airtrack but want to make it 6 meters long, you can attach two airtracks. There are strips of Velcro along their edges, which guarantees that the attaching goes smoothly. There are also some accessories you can bring into your airtrack.

Your airtrack mustn’t move when using it, especially with high-velocity movements and tricks. That’s why the design includes D-Rings, which secure the mat to the ground and connects multiple airtracks.

Sides Include Boat Fabric

Not many know of this, but airtracks can be used in water if you have bought a waterproof model. It guarantees they are great for having fun at the beach or pool.

There is also boat fabric on the sides of the airtracks to make them durable. It’s more of a funny coincidence that some manufacturers use boat materials to build the sides, yet they have nothing to do with the airtrack’s floating capabilities.


So, there you have it! Now you know what kind of combination of materials goes into building an airtrack. PVC, Velcro, D-Rings, drop stitch fabric, boat fabric, and thousands of lightweight threads are what airtracks are all about. These materials guarantee everyone a safe and enjoyable experience for training and other activities. Hopefully, information like this helps you understand and to take even better care of your airtrack if and when you buy one.