30 Gymnastic Tricks To Do on Your AirTrack

Gymnastics tricks on air track mat

Everyone likes cool tricks because they seem so exciting, and they are! With airtracks, almost everyone can do at least some of the coolest tricks in the book. But why? Because airtracks make everything a little easier and practicing them much more fun.

You can think of it like this: you can pull off some moves on a trampoline you cannot do in the grass. Well, with airtracks, you can do these tricks on the grass or anywhere you want to – with just a little extra help from your airtrack.

In this article, we will share 30 amazing airtrack tricks with you to try them at home – either indoors or outdoors. Also, we will highlight five tricks that are special for different reasons. So, buckle up!

Deep-Dive into 5 Best Tricks

Airtracks are great for athletes and fitness enthusiasts. You can also use them for rehabilitation, and many other things. But now we will deep dive into the funness they can bring!

1. Double Back Tuck – Made for Speedsters

If you can do a backflip and you’ve always dreamed of doing a double backflip, why not go all in and aim for the sky?! Double-back tuck is almost the same. But what makes it even cooler is that you will pull your legs into your body while rotating in the air. And the speed you can reach with this trick – mamma mia!

2. Whip Back – Because Who Needs Walking

Many say walking is boring when they start to do that for exercise. If you are one of them saying that, how about moving forward while doing whip back? Of course, you need an airtrack to do that, and it would be better if it is a long one. Why? Because you need some room to do many whip-backs in a row, and you can do it at home as well. And if you don’t have enough space inside your house, take your airtrack outside.

3. Aerial – It Makes You Feel You Can Fly

Does “I believe I can fly, I believe I can touch the sky” sound familiar to you? Of course, they do, as everyone knows R. Kelly’s songs. Humans have always needed to find ways to fly, and we’ve been able to do that. But to do it in your backyard or inside your home – now that’s something else.

You won’t be able to touch the sky, but when you put an airtrack and a trick called Aerial into the same equation – you can fly. At least for a brief moment. And the best part: the experts say it is possible to learn Aerial in just one day.

4. Side Sumi – a Trick You’ve Always Wanted to Do

Side Sumi is something every little kid watching Kung Fu movies has wanted to learn. And maybe you tried it – maybe you didn’t. But now is the time to master it. You can buy a 4-inch thick airtrack to make it harder or a little thicker one in an 8-inch thick airtrack to get more bounciness. Either way, reach out to your dreams and learn the trick you’ve always wanted to do so badly.

And yes, again some more lyrics. But this time short and sweet: “Everybody was Kung Fu fighting.”

5. Cartwheel – Nothing Beats the Classic

It is true! Nothing beats this classic, meaning cartwheel. Many of us can somewhat do it, but how many can perfect it? The answer is not that many. If you’re a kid and your parents keep talking about how they used to be able to do a perfect cartwheel, ask them to show it and then do it better. Or if you’re kid is talking the talk but not walking the walk, go and buy an airtrack, practice in secret, and then show them off when you’ve mastered it!

The Whole List of 30 Tricks You Can Do With Airtracks

  1. Forward Roll
  2. Backward Roll
  3. Handstand
  4. Cartwheel
  5. Roundoff
  6. Back Handspring
  7. Front Handspring
  8. Back Tuck
  9. Front Tuck
  10. Aerial
  11. Back Layout
  12. Front Layout
  13. Pike Jump
  14. Straddle Jump
  15. Split Leap
  16. Front Pike
  17. Side Sumi
  18. Arabian
  19. Double Full Twist
  20. Front Aerial
  21. Side Aerial
  22. Yurchenko
  23. Tsukahara
  24. Front Handspring Stepout
  25. Whip Back
  26. Back Layout Full Twist
  27. Front Layout Full Twist
  28. Double Back Tuck
  29. Side Handstand
  30. Front Pike Half Twist